Wetland Bridges and Walkways

for transitioning over wetlands

Our wetland bridges and walkways offer a variety of options for transitioning over wetlands, beach dunes, marshes and small bodies of water. Available in both floating and permanent pile structures, our bridges and walkways are custom fabricated using galvanized steel, and are designed to meet the needs of residential, municipal and commercial sites.

Our custom bridges are designed for use as a pedestrian walkway or for light vehicles. Truss, pier supported or free-span frame styles are incorporated pending the site and anticipated use. We offer installation of shoreline concrete abutments either pre-cast or formed in place for bridge designs that require this type of securing method.

Both our bridges and walkways are very versatile with regard to rail design, decking selection along with optional powder coat finish to cover the galvanized steel to blend into the surroundings.

  • Available in both floating and permanent pile structures
  • Custom designed and manufactured for your specific site needs
  • Our pile supported steel platforms are often incorporated into the design for shore attachment versus a concrete abutment
  • We offer a variety of handrails, finishes and decking materials
  • Ideal for pedestrian walkways, golf cart bridges, wetlands and marshes, beach access, snowmobiles, handicapped access
  • Designs can be certified and stamped by licensed engineer
  • ADA compliant systems available

Available in both floating & permanent pile structures. Custom designed & manufactured for your specific site. A variety of handrails, finishes & decking materials.

Our wetland bridges, permanant walkways and floating walkways are ideal for:

  • Pedestrian walkways  
  • Golf cart bridges
  • Wetlands & marshes
  • Beach access  
  • Beach dunes
  • Snowmobiles
  • Handicapped access

"I write to thank you for your part in the construction of my new walkway over my marsh. I was most impressed by the design and construction of the sections. They were custom made and to my pleasant surprise they fit all the twists and turns as planned. Chris did a fine job as your representative and Adam and his crew could not have been more effective and pleasant to work with on installation. You have developed a good product and assembled a fine team. Thanks again."   - W.P.

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