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Boat Lifts

Protect your boat and dock with a boat lift.

Adding a boat lift to your dock system will protect your boat and dock from damage. We offer a variety of lift types and styles. For more information on how to select the right boat lift for your needs, contact one of our waterfront specialists today. We also can offer boat lift delivery and installation throughout the Northeast.

Vertical Boat Lifts
For boats from 1,250 to 32,000 lbs.
Hydraulic Boat Lifts
For boats 2,000 to 12,000 lbs.
Ultimate Boat Lifts
For boats from 6,000 to 32,000 lbs.
Custom Boat Lifts
Custom designed boat lifts for unique uses or sites.
Boathouse Boat Lifts
We design, manufacture and install a variety of boat lifts for boathouses.
PWC Boat Lifts
Cantilever lift for PWC and boats from 1,000 lb to 1,200 lbs.
Small Craft Lifts (for non-motorized crafts)
Lifts, docks and accessories for launching your kayak, canoe or other small craft.
Boat Lift Canopies
Protect your boat from the sun and rain with a Sunbrella boat canopy.
Sliding Boat Boarding Step
Dock-mounted sliding boat boarding step that bridges the gap from your dock to your boat.
Boat Lift Adjustment & Removal
Wheel kits and airbag lift kits for seasonal installation and removal of our boat lift.
Boat Lift Delivery & Installation
Delivery & installation of boat lifts available throughout the Northeast.

PWC & Small Craft Lifts
Cantilever lift designed for small crafts up to 1,200 lbs.  

Vertical Boat Lifts
Vertical boat lifts can be used in either shallow and deepwater applications, rough water, and in fluctuating water levels. The greater height provided by vertical lifts also means they are better suited to lakes with water levels that fluctuate a great deal because they don't have to be moved as often. On any large body of water, a vertical lift is recommended to protect your boat from the waves. Your greatest protection comes from the lifting height and the strength of the lift frame to withstand the waves during a storm. Vertical lifts generally require about 6” of water plus the draft of the boat in order to operate. 

Hydraulic Boat Lifts
Hydraulic boat lifts are ideal for use in sites with more controlled water levels. They are also aesthetically more appealing than a traditional style boat lift because the frame is mostly situated below the water level. Hydraulic lifts available from 2,000 to 12,000 lb. capacities.

Launch Port Kayak Lift
If your water levels fluctuate, this boat lift will allow you to easily get your kayak, canoes, SUP boards or other small crafts into the water. Featuring an aluminum vertical boat lift with a non-skid launch platform.

Kayak Ladder Lift and Launch
The built-in ladder and launch platform raises and lowers up to 5 1/2 feet for a safe and easy transition to the water for you and your kayak to and from the top of your seawall or permanent dock system.

Boathouse Boat Lifts
Custom built to be installed in new or existing boathouses. Our boathouse boat lifts are ­designed to accommodate various boat styles, capacities, and in some cases aesthetic ­appearance.

Custom Boat Lifts
Have minimal shoreline or a unique boat? We can either modify one of our standard boat lifts or custom fabricate a boat lift to accommodate your unique situation.

Boat Lift Canopies & Custom Boat Canopies
Boat Lift canopies protect your boat from the sun and rain. Made with Sunbrella fabric and either an aluminum or galvanized steel frame.