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Kayak Lift & Launch

Launch a kayak from a seawall or dock with our Kayak Lift & Launch.

Launch your kayak from your seawall with our innovative Kayak Ladder Lift & Launch. This innovative launch provides a smooth transition for you and your kayak to and from your seawall or dock system to the water, offered with or without a built-in ladder depending on your lifting needs. The model with the built-in ladder raises and lowers the platform up to 6 feet so you can safely and easily launch your kayak from your seawall (also great for paddleboards, canoes, and other small non-motorized crafts). The platform features Sure-Step® vinyl decking with a built-in boarding handle, paddle hook and kayak leash to secure your craft.

Kayak Ladder Lift & Launch KLL-100
Launch your kayak from your seawall or permanent dock with our Kayak Ladder Lift & Launch.
Dock Mounted Kayak Lift & Launch KDL-100
Launch your kayak from your dock with our adjustable dock mounted kayak launch.
Kayak Ladder Lift & Launch (Heavy Duty KLL-400)
Accommodate larger crafts (up to 400 lbs with a beam width up to 51").
Kayak Lift & Launch - Accessories
Accessories for our Kayak Lift & Launches.
Kayak Lift & Launch Video
Watch a video to learn more about the Kayak Lift & Launch.
Kayak Lift & Launch Photo Gallery
Customer submitted reviews and photos of Kayak Lift & Launches.