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Kayak Lift & Launch Reviews

LOVE my kayak lift on the end of my deck!

I had the kayak lift installed on the end of my deck and I absolutely LOVE it. Working with Dock Doctors was a wonderful experience. Easy to get in touch with and very responsive! Thank-you Andre! I wanted something that I would be able to use on my own (I'm a female in my 50s). I am able to slide the kayak easily on and off the lift, crank it up and down on my own. Since I have every intention of kayaking through my 60s, 70s and 80s I appreciate the metal handle/overhang for balance for getting in and out. Great design, easy to use and fantastic customer service!


It is TERRIFIC! My husband who is 74 years old can now use the kayak. I can even use it for my paddleboard, if I want. We purchased the lower Kayak Launch (dock-mounted) - and we did have to reinforce the dock boards to mount (every dock situation is different). Use Hint: For someone who does not have the flexibility or leg strength to go from a kayak-leg-extended-extended-sitting position to a standing position, replace the bungee cords with rope, and a loop to hook onto the kayak launch outer bar hooks – and VOILA – works just fine and Kayak stays put with dismounting! My husband is so happy to be able to kayak with me again, while I paddleboard. Thank you for giving us something back!!!

I just want to say WOW! This is an amazing Kayak launch system.

I just want to say WOW! This is an amazing Kayak launch system. I installed it myself on our canal seawall. I also purchased the 2 Kayak rack and I couldn't be happier. My wife has balance issues from a back injury and with this set up she can move the Kayak off the rack and slide it right on to the lift. She can lower it down to the water get in and off she goes. She is so happy to have a way to get her Kayak in the water all by herself whenever she wants. So glad I found this system and it was worth every penny. Thanks so much!!!

Thanks for a great solution to our situation.

We are very happy with our kayak launcher! We are seniors and find the sturdiness and the security of being able to use the bar to get in and out is great. Thanks for a great solution to our situation. The instructions we downloaded online were very clear and easy to follow. The only drawback for us was having to have it shipped in from the USA since we live in Canada which of course added significantly to the original price of the kayak.