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Swim Floats

Floating swim rafts are available with aluminum or galvanized steel frames.

Available in a one-piece Lightweight Aluminum Frame (ideal for calm bays or small bodies of water), or a two-piece Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Frame (ideal for rough water). All of our swim floats (also called swim rafts). Our swim floats are manufactured in our Vermont facility and are readily available for pick up, delivery, installation or shipped nationwide.

Aluminum Swim Floats
Ideal for use in small lakes or bays, one-piece aluminum frame
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Steel Frame Swim Floats
Ideal for rough water, steel frame dismantles into two pieces
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Shippable Swim Float
Swim float designed to ship on a pallet via common carrier shipping.
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We can create custom, larger aluminum swim floats using our aluminum floating dock sections.

For a free quote on your project, simply complete our online site survey (or download a printable one) and one of our waterfront specialists will contact you. If one of our stock docks doesn't fit your needs, we will design, manufacture and install a Custom Dock for your specific property and recreational needs.