Leg & Wheel Docks

Mega Duty Steel Truss Frame

Our Mega Duty Steel Truss Leg and Wheel Docks are designed for use in rough and deep water applications. They feature taller frames, longer and wider sections, and larger diameter upright supports than our heavy duty steel truss leg docks. Available in two stock sizes, or contact us for custom sized dock options.

Leg and Wheel Docks by The Dock DoctorsDownload a PDF of the Mega Duty Leg & Wheel Docks 
section from our catalog

  • Designed for use in rough & deep water applications
  • 11" tall truss frame & 3" diameter upright supports
  • Stocked in 6’ x 20’ and 8’ x 20’ sections
  • Designed to accommodate typical high water in the spring and adjust to low water later in the season
  • Removable deck panels
  • Optional powder coat finish on frame

photo gallery of mega steel truss docks See a photo gallery of our mega steel truss docks.