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Aluminum Frame Leg & Wheel Docks

Designed for smaller lakes and bays providing easy install and removal.

Our stock aluminum frame leg and wheel docks are manufactured in our facility in sections and are readily available for pick up, delivery or installation. These residential leg dock and wheel dock systems are designed to be easily installed for the do-it-yourselfer. For exposed sites or rough water, consider our steel truss frame docks, available in either heavy-duty steel truss or our "mega" dock, which features a taller frame, longer and wider sections, and larger diameter upright supports. 

Standard Duty Aluminum Leg & Wheel Docks
Designed for smaller lakes and bays, exceptionally strong, easy to assemble and install
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Medium Duty Aluminum Leg & Wheel Docks
Offering superior strength and stability, featuring taller frames and wider sections
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Download the aluminum leg and wheel dock section of our catalog.

Standard Duty Aluminum Docks

Our standard-duty aluminum frame leg and wheel docks feature an exceptionally strong aluminum frame. Strong yet lightweight, these docks can be installed by one person. 

Medium Duty Aluminum Docks

Our medium-duty aluminum docks feature a taller frame and longer and wider sections than our standard duty frames. Easy to install, the support stanchions are built into the frame and flush to the sides of the dock, allowing for an obstruction-free dock edge.

For a free quote on your project, simply complete our online site survey (or download a printable one) and one of our waterfront specialists will contact you. If one of our stock docks doesn't fit your needs, we will design, manufacture and install a Custom Dock for your specific property and recreational needs.