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Wave Attenuators

Steel truss wave attenuators are designed to withstand severe wave action and can provide additional slip space for your marina.

Commercial waterfront property and equipment is often susceptible to excessive wave action. We custom fabricate our wave attenuators as either a separate system or integrated into your commercial marina dock system. Using the wave attenuator as part of the dock system provides the advantage of additional slip space along with increasing revenue. Our galvanized steel wave attenuator is fabricated using a steel truss substructure. The system will be designed based on your site depending on the wind and wave exposure. Using our superior connection, anchoring and hinge systems, our wave attenuator is designed to withstand severe wave action.

We have had years of experience designing, fabricating and installing commercial systems in often challenging locations. Our commitment to quality and our experienced professional staff are the keys to our success.

  • Sealed polyethylene floatation units are bolted inside structure, protected from waves and ice
  • Unsinkable design — no hollow floatation devices
  • Superior anchoring, connection and hinge systems
  • Cost-effective epoxy painted systems are available versus standard galvanized
  • We will design your wave attenuator to provide maximum comfort and security for your facility and boat owners