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Reviews on Storage Racks

Nice rack! [ Review for 3-craft single-sided rack ]

A very well engineered storage rack with adjustability. The rack itself is aluminum while the hardware is stainless and brass. The rack can be easily moved fully assembled, but is solid when loaded. Very pleased with this product!

Well engineered and constructed product  [ Review for 6-craft double-sided rack ]

I researched different options for storing my boats. I chose this one because it accommodates canoes and kayaks of different lengths and widths. The components are very well engineered and constructed. They assemble together very easily. The directions are excellent. Shipping was extremely prompt. I am very pleased with this product.

Excellent Quality [ Review for 3-craft single-sided rack ]

We've been looking for a storage rack for our lake cabin for quite some time. Was thinking about building one myself until I found this. Sturdy design and the adjustablility is nice. We use it to store two kayaks and a wind-surfer. Nice thing is that I can simply move it into the shed in the winter and continue to store the equipment on it. Putting the rack together was pretty straightforward. The directions were pretty good. Sometimes there was a little bit of metal flashing from drilled holes that needed to be filed. Getting it all put together though requires sliding aluminum parts against aluminum parts. When things get tight they often don't want to slide. A little big of oil, wd, lithium, or silicon really helps slide things into position.