Custom Floating Docks

Galvanized steel truss frame floating docks

Our heavy duty steel truss floating docks are custom designed and manufactured based on your needs and individual site requirements. Our experience with docks in all types of lakes, rivers and saltwater applications gives us the ability to design a system that will accommodate the most severe or unusual situation. Our knowledge and expertise with various anchoring methods will ensure the integrity of the dock system.

  • Custom designed & fabricated for each individual site
  • Heavy duty commercial grade, galvanized steel truss frames
  • Commercial grade, watertight, polyethylene shell floats (100% sealed with an expanded polystyrene foam)
  • Unique connection methods, hinge systems & dampening systems to reduce movement
  • Typical anchoring methods as well as specialty anchoring for unique sites
  • Professional installation available
  • Contact us for a free quote or site visit 

photo gallery of steel truss floating docks See a photo gallery of our custom floating docks.