Freestanding Launch Port System

Freestanding kayak launch for your dock

Our exclusive Launch Port Systems allow for easy water access when launching kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. This freestanding system is incorporated into our standard duty aluminum leg dock (launch is at a fixed level, designed for controlled bodies of water with minimal fluctuation). 

For sites with fluctuating water, see our launch port lift or kayak ladder lift & launch — which will raise and lower your crafts.

  • Ideal for controlled bodies of water with minimal fluctuation
  • Fixed height non-skid Sure-Step platform
  • Non-marring Stoltz rollers
  • Variety of layouts available by adding more leg dock sections to accommodate individual sites
  • Base unit includes (1) 4’ × 8’ & (1) 4’ × 10’ aluminum leg dock section with attached Sure-Step® decking
  • Optional grab & launch rails offer more control for smooth transition gliding on and off the launch platform

* Base unit includes (1) 4’ × 8 & (1) 4’ × 10’ standard duty aluminum leg dock with attached Sure-Step® decking, necessary connecting brackets, black vinyl safety caps, aluminum footpads for upright supports. Pipe for upright supports sold separately pending water depth and lengths required. Additional dock sections can be purchased for a ramp or to extend further into the water as desired. Please inquire for further details on expanding the Freestanding Launch Port System.