Hillside Trolleys

A great alternative to stairs to access your waterfront or hillside site

When physical restrictions or site conditions are a barrier for using your waterfront, consider a hillside trolley system. With it's smooth and easy operation, you will have new possibilities for your waterfront living. Also know as a funicular, hillside tram, hillside elevator, cliff tram, a hillside trolley by The Dock Doctors will safely and easily transport you up and down your waterfront or hillside site.

  • Marine grade aluminum track & car with stainless steel fasteners
  • Car comes standard with a powder coated finish & PVC seat & decking
  • Galvanized steel pilings & track supports for tough terrain installations in soils or on ledge without the need of concrete
  • Easy to use push button controls with a security lock
  • Free span truss designs
  • Powder coated track systems available — choice of colors
  • We will install anywhere in the Eastern United States
  • Minimal lead time

When site conditions or physical restrictions create a challenge accessing your waterfront, our Hillside Trolley will open up new possibilities for your waterfront living. We will install anywhere in the Eastern United States.


Hillside Trolleys are also know as: funicular, hill lift, hill tram, hillside elevators, hillside car, hillside elevator, hillside lift, hillside tram, incline car, incline elevator, incline lift, lake lift, lake tram, lakeside lift, lakeside tram, lake shore lift, lake shore tram, outdoor lift, outdoor tram, platform lift, platform tram, residential lift, residential tram, waterfront lift, waterfront tram, cable car, chair lift