Floating Walkways

Custom designed & manufactured for your site

Our floating walkways are an alternative to a bridge or walkway for transitioning over wetlands and small bodies of water. Custom fabricated using galvanized steel, our floating walkways are designed to meet the needs of residential, municipal and commerical sites.

  • Custom designed and manufactured for your specific site needs
  • Our pile supported steel platforms are often incorporated into the design for shore attachment versus a concrete abutment
  • We offer a variety of handrails, finishes and decking materials
  • Ideal for pedestrian walkways, golf cart bridges, wetlands and marshes, beach access, snowmobiles, handicapped access
  • Designs can be certified and stamped by licensed engineer
  • ADA compliant systems available

Ideal for:

  • Pedestrian walkways  
  • Golf cart bridges
  • Wetlands & marshes
  • Beach access  
  • Snowmobiles
  • Handicapped access