Floating Docks

We offer a wide variety of floating docks in both aluminum frames and galvanized steel truss frames.

Stock Floating Docks

For residential sites, our "stock" medium duty aluminum floating docks are manufactured in our facility in sections and are readily available for pick up, delivery or installation. These residential floating docks are designed to be easily installed for the do-it-yourselfer.  Learn more about our medium duty aluminum floating docks.

Connect-A-Dock Floating Docks

The Dock Doctors are the exclusive distributors of Connect-a-Dock products for New England and New York. Please contact us for factory direct pricing, or to inquire about dealers in your area. Easy to install and engineered to last, the modular floating sections can be configured to build docks for boating, rowing, fishing, swimming, and anything else you can imagine. 

Custom Floating Docks

For unique sites, rough water applications, ADA compliant or specialty systems, we offer custom floating dock systems in both heavy duty aluminum and galvanized steel truss frames. Our custom floating docks are designed based on your individual site requirements and recreational needs and are fabricated in our facility in either a galvanized steel truss frame or a heavy-duty aluminum frame. We have an extensive understanding of all types of applications, from lakes and rivers to tidal situations. Our knowledge of many types of anchoring methods is crucial for the integrity of our floating dock system. 

Dock & Launch Systems

Our exclusive dock & launch systems can be used in conjunction with any of our floating dock systems.  Available in both Medium Duty and Heavy Duty aluminum frames, these systems make launching your kayak, canoe or other small craft smooth, safe and fun.