YAKport floating Kayak Launch

Easily launch your kayak or canoe from your dock

The YAKport launch makes getting in and out of the water easy for beginners or experienced users. The YAKport can be used for kayaks, canoes or stand up paddle boards (SUP) up to 34" wide.

Connect to floating or fixed docks with the selection of accessories and anchoring options. YAKport can be installed to virtually any floating or fixed dock. Floating dock installations will use a set of metal hinges while fixed dock installations will use 2” poles and pole connectors.

YAKport is made from highly durable UV protected polyethylene. Optional overhead and entry handles are available.

YAKport: $620 MSRP

(Note: connection hinges and/or anchoring additional)
Contact us for a free estimate on adding the YAKport to your waterfront.

Optional items:

  • Overhead assist bars: $154
  • Grab bars (long): $194 each
  • Grab bars (short): $108 each
  • Dock Connection Kits:

    Fixed Docks: $166
    1000 series Connect-A-Dock: $120
    2000 series Connect-A-Dock: $189

Outside Dimensions: 48" wide x 60" long x 22" high
Inside Dimensions: 34" wide x 17" high
Accommodates crafts up to 34" wide
Weight: 99 lbs.

Yakport for safely launching kayak from your dock

shown attached to Series 2000 Connect-A-Dock

YAKport Kayak Launch

The YAKport kayak launch provides a safe and stable platform for boarding and unloading kayaks or other crafts (up to 34" wide) from your dock.

The YAKport can be installed to virtually any floating or fixed dock.