Resort Docks

Dock systems for waterfront resorts

Our great team of professionals with years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing waterfront systems for all types of applications will sit down with you and discuss effective solutions for your specific Resort Dock needs.

We specialize in devising innovative plans often based around restrictive parameters with regards to permitting, terrain and limited space.

  • On-site consultation to devise most effective project plan
  • Conceptual layouts provided illustrating our recommendation
  • Experience with permit acquisitions from various agencies

"Your Docks are Fantastic, not a single bit of damage in a category 5 Hurricane. AMAZING!"

Aluminum floating docks at Boyd's Campground, Key West, FL
Our heavy duty aluminum floating docks at Boyd's Campground, Key West, Florida

Docks after Hurricane Irma
Boyd’s Campground, Key West, Florida - AFTER Hurricane Irma.