Custom Floating Docks

Designed for your waterfront site

Our custom floating dock systems are designed based on your individual site requirements and recreational needs and fabricated in our facility in either a galvanized steel steel truss frame or a heavy-duty aluminum frame. We have an extensive understanding of all types of applications, from lakes and rivers to tidal situations. Our knowledge of many types of anchoring methods is crucial for the integrity of our floating dock systems.

Heavy-Duty Steel Truss Floating Docks
Custom designed with commercial grade, galvanized steel truss frames and watertight polyethylene shell floats. These systems are custom designed and have a longer lead time. We offer several unique methods for connecting & hinge systems incorporating non-wearing bushings & dampening systems to reduce movement of the dock system.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Floating Docks
Ideal for residential and commercial applications where the exposure requires a heavier duty system, but does not necessarily require our custom steel truss floating docks. These sytems are readily available.

Dock & Launch Systems
Our exclusive dock & launch systems can be used in conjunction with any of our floating dock systems. Available in both Medium Duty and Heavy Duty aluminum frames, these systems make launching your kayak, canoe or other small craft smooth, safe and fun.