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Modular polyethylene plastic floating docks.

Connect-A-DockWhy a modular floating dock?

The design versatility of Connect-A-Dock means that every dock is unique. The modules can be connected end-to-end or side-to-side, allowing you to configure them as long or as wide as you want. With an assortment of sizes and accessories, Connect-A-Dock is perfect for numerous applications in water or on land. Learn more about the benefits & features of Connect-A-Dock products.

Connect-A-Dock 1000 Series
Connect-A-Dock 1000 series modular floating docks
Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series
Connect-A-Dock 2000 series modular floating docks
Connect-A-Dock Rowing Docks
Polyethylene plastic rowing docks by Connect-A-Dock.
Connects to floating or fixed docks so you can easily launch your kayak or canoe from your dock.
Why a modular floating dock?
Benefits & features of Connect-A-Dock modular floating docks

Easy to Install - Engineered to Last

A lifetime of waterfront adventures awaits your family with the Connect-A-Dock floating dock system. Easy to install and engineered to last, the modular sections can be configured to build docks for boating, rowing, fishing, swimming, and anything else you can imagine. Perfect for homes, parks, and resorts. Enjoy time around the water and create lifelong memories with Connect-A-Dock. Make your dock an extension of your life.

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The Dock Doctors are the exclusive distributors of Connect-a-Dock products for New England and New York. Please contact us for pricing or a free estimate.