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Kayak Launch Docks & Lifts

Docks and accessories for launching your kayak or canoe

Launching your kayak, canoe, sunfish, or other small craft from your dock can be a difficult task, especially if your water level fluctuates.  We have a variety of products to help you easily and safely launch your kayak or other small craft from your dock.

When it's time to store or transport your kayak, our paddle products will help you safely transport and store your small craft... see more about our paddle products.

Dock & Kayak Launch Systems

Our aluminum Dock and Kayak Launch Systems can be used as an independent launch dock, or as part of a complete dock system to accommodate your other waterfront activities, including swimming, lounging, and motor-boating.

The launch system is available with either a leg dock or floating dock system.

Launch Port Lift

If your water levels fluctuate, this boat lift will allow you to easily launch your kayak, canoe or other small craft into the water. Simply raise and lower the Sure-Step® non-skid launch platform, board your craft with the assistance of the boarding handle, then smoothly launch your boat with assistance of the non-marring Stoltz polyurethane rollers and grab & launch rails.

Paddle Dock

Aluminum frame floating "paddle dock" featuring a lower freeboard than our medium duty aluminum floating dock, but not as low as our rowing docks. Available in residential and commercial grades.

Rowing Dock

Designed for either residential or commercial use on lakes and rivers, our heavy duty, aluminum-frame, rowing docks feature a modular design for a variety of layout options. Features a 7” Aluminum Track Frame with 6" freeboard.

Small craft storage, hauling and transporting

Storage Racks: Store kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards (SUP), and other small crafts on these high-quailty aluminum frame racks. Available in the following styles:Kayak Storage Racks

Dock Mounted Canoe/Kayak Roller: Designed to assist you when moving your small crafts on or off your dock.  Available in universal mount (mounts to dock decking) and Dock Doctors mount.

Kayak / Canoe Trailers: Fully assembled, marine-grade aluminum frame trailers for transporting kayaks, canoes and other small crafts.

Beach Dollies: Lightweight, aluminum frame beach dolly / kayak cart for transporting your kayak or other small craft. Featuring Wheeleez™ tires for sand and rough surfaces.

Beach Roller Racks: Marine-grade aluminum frame beach roller rack. Ideal for inflatables, PWC's, dinghies, canoes and kayaks. 

Kayak Storage Racks Kayak Storage Racks Dock mounted kayak canoe roller Kayak Beach Dolly Beach Roller Rack
Storage Racks Dock Mounted Roller Trailers Beach Dollies Beach Roller Racks


Paddle Products Catalog

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