Custom Floating Docks

Our custom floating docks are custom designed and manufactured in our facility. These residential floating dock systems are designed based on each individual site requirements and personal recreational needs. Fabricated in either galvanized steel using a heavy duty truss frame or a lighter weight aluminum frame. We have an extensive understanding of all types of applications, from lakes and rivers to tidal situations. Our knowledge of many types of anchoring methods is crucial for the integrity of the floating dock system. We us commercial grade polyethylene floatation units on both the galvanized steel truss floating dock and the aluminum floating dock systems.

With these proven methods and designs we are confident that we can provide you with years of waterfront living enjoyment.

Galvanized Steel Floating Docks

  • Heavy duty commercial grade welded galvanized steel frames
  • Commercial grade polyethylene Styrofoam filled floatation
  • Designed & fabricated based on each individual site
  • Variety of decking options available along with dock options & accessories
  • Offering typical anchoring methods such as chain w/concrete anchors or spud pole anchoring — other specialty types available pending site requirements
  • Several unique methods for connecting & hinge systems incorporating non-wearing bushings & dampening systems to reduce movement
  • Installation offered by our experienced service staff

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Floating Docks

  • An innovative, heavy-duty aluminum track frame designed by The Dock Doctors
  • Commercial-quality frame with heavily reinforced hinge connections
  • Track frame allows for all components and accessories to be slid anywhere on your dock system in order to meet your specific docking needs
  • Utilizes the same accessories as our universal track floating docks
  • Easy to install, one wrench does it all
  • 100%-sealed, black polyethylene floatation, injected with Styrofoam, bolted directly to the frame
  • Variety of decking options available (red cedar, composite, aluminum)
  • Manufactured locally in Vermont - our competitors' products are primarily fabricated in the mid-west
  • We strive to source and purchase our raw materials within North America

We encourage you to call and speak to one of our waterfront specialists to discuss our floating dock systems. (800) 870-6756

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